Norfolk’n’Good ( aka ) Bernard & Bernadette


Morning all.

New arrivals after a visit to Cutcombe Market we acquired two new turkey poults “He” Bernard , is a Norfolk Black “She” Bernadette  is a good sized Cambridge Bronze . I had to pop out for a while to get petrol for molly. upon my return Martina was Playing Mum to the poults and she also has a uncanny ability to replicate their call. So much so they think she is Mum

BUT Barry White is definitely dad and never lets them get far from site. They prefer to follow Martina around like a couple of puppies

Most of the rest of the weekend was spent putting finishing touches to the top barn. Creosote and black for the poles .Moving stuff down to the lean too store cutting grass while martina planted more stuff in the veggie plot and weeded.

Rear wall for the Hay barn and a floor for the store room.

Hope to get the roof back on the workshop in the next couple of weeks and pray that we do not get a repeat of hurricane “Jake”.


Right We are done.. Till next week

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