Ongoing Projects, Jam and a Huge Puzzle :-)


Morning all.

It was one of those weekends where we actually got a huge amount achieved ( though it is not conducive to good photos) However we have removed a huge amount of weeds from the top and done some finishing on the barn. The Back is All stained up and protected from the elements [ and my god it will need it 🙂 ]. The windows are all in the window ( that was a  door) is secured as is the paneling above and below it. the secure store is pretty much complete and the wall opposite the door has a poly carbonate section to let in a little light or it would have been black as coal in there.


The chickens had a bit of a fit last week and chose to reduce their egg output , but all seems to be back on track this week they are producing their usual colorful array of pastel shaded shelled wonders.


The maternity unit is now in full swing with place looking more like a “kindergarten” than a farm , Lynnie bless her saturday introduced her lot to the big wide world as did Alien (One) , and Goldie lookin chicken. Alien (Two )is sat tight on her clutch , and prepared to fight any one who dares to come close.



Martina has been busy  turning these :-

In to these 🙂

And she was also hiding from the beautiful July sun ( Known on Maundown as Rain )

It tipped it down sunday afternoon.

And finally “B” my son rang me midweek and said ” im taking down a shed the weekend , Do you want it”?  , well it duly arrived but was not quite what I expected ( as it came in “Kit form” ) Now ME i’m rubbish at puzzles , Martina however is brilliant at them but her response was ” Das ist Läderlich ” , which is the German equivalent of “YOU are ‘avin a Giraffe ,mate” !!   He also has a concrete Shed, if that comes as rubble HE is in for an earbending. Bless him. 🙂 blog_DSCF8124
Right We are done.. Till next week

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