Suddenly it’s “Dark-O-Clock”


Unlike some of my work colleagues who drag their scrawny butts out of bed just in time to be late for a 7.30 start  .  My day starts with a trip to the bauernhof to feed the menagerie , This morning I arrived at dark o’clock , it was the normal 5.55am but it was shockingly dark. Had to use my Head mounted Torch for the first time since last winter. The Pigs were still asleep the cocks were yet to crow , very odd in the gloom.

We have been visiting the nether regions of the farm this week, whilst Martina was setting about the hedge that divides “micks wood” from the eastern fields I was cutting a swage through Brambles to find and clear trees we had cut down last year. The damn brambles had grown about 6 feet since then and covered all before them ..

we intend to hang one of the  metal gates that  were in our entrance , I am gonna hang the 12 footer to allow large tractor access , But it will require some earth moving which I shall set about next week

Martina decided to Give our chickens a little more shelter as Chickens are stupid and when it rains they will often go back to the run expecting the chicken wire roof to afford them some protection , told you they were simple they would only have to walk up the ramp to coop and they would be warm and dry. Any way We had some old polythene cover from the old Poly tunnel and we spent some time friday “stitching it ” to the roof with baler twine .

Even more than halfway down our property ( Micks wood ) you can still be high enough to see the quantock hills ( Well on a clear day anyway) .

Im not sure why but our family ( and I am the eldest of 6 siblings) struggle to have a photo taken without feeling the need to ” Pull a face ”


The building you can barely see behind me is the Maundown Water treatment Works and it was designed with neutral colours and Sedum roofing in order to BLEND in ……. Well that worked well didn’t it 🙂

Oh yes those of a certain age will be familiar with “Billy Idol” well I think he has been round here worrying our Hens.. As if proof were needed … Meet Vic


“Its a Nice day for a White Chicken”   (*__*)

Later Everyone

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