Summer is Over , Official !


Morning everyone .
Well what a miserable weekend.
Martina and I spent most of friday doing jobs out of the rain.

The new arrivals (*__*) Will be with us on friday. You will love them.

So we set about building a new turkey house in between the showers and downpours . The trouble we have here is that ,as i have said before we are on the side if a steep hill so everything needs to be dug in so to speak. the new shed is no different it has to be taller than most housing we build as turkeys are big old units and they like to roost up high. We have made it from recyclables obtained local firms who would otherwise have to pay to get rid of. this weeks project was made from Pallets from Mayflower Kitchens and Crates from DMA stairlifts. Thank you to them ..

Our little veggie plot continues to produce ,which is nice and the freezer is gradually filling up.

Amazingly 2 years ago we were doing this.

old blokeJPG (Small)

Some random old bloke with a Strimmer

Beats a strimmer (Small)

And to think Martina and I had spent a whole weekend trying to achive what a digger did in 5 minutes. BuG*er

why not  got to get in someplace (Small)

But chris we only have a Small hole as an entrance .. So pick a spot and make your own

And Last year we were doing this !

Boy we have done some stuff 🙂

We will see you next week with our new Animals.


Later  M&M

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2 thoughts on “Summer is Over , Official !

  1. Mr E Pony Mouse Orchard

    The minister for Small Holdings is very concerned.

    Have Der Bauernhof management gone completely “two stops short of Dagenham”!?! A reliable source has just informed me what a Phacochoerus is. How will you handle this beast? Don’t tell me that you’re getting more than one! These creatures live by a simple code; DEATH to everything! Save yourselves! Your only chance will be to send in the geese equipped with riot shields and tasers.


    1. maundown2014 Post author

      Greetings and salutations to the honorable member for crediton east. I was so pleased to see that after the Brexit re-shuffle you retained your position as Minster for small holdings. Mrs May in her infinite wisdom could see that if we do indeed leave europe then Small Holdings will be a major contributor to our introspective economy and It makes sense to have a stalwart at the helm. We are not actually getting Phacochoerus africanus but a very close relative ie. they have hair and tusks ( as will become apparent in the next blog ) ps all geese are pacifists I thought I should inform you of this just in case it comes up in conversation in your clinic , They are a bit like you opponents on the opposite side of the house , All wind and bluster. Keep well sir. M&M



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