Hush Hush ! A Famous line from JAWS, Barry has a Hareem at last (*_*)


Morning all.
We were going to go to dunster show friday but the weather forecast was rain so we skipped and went shopping for new Stock ( I’m gonna let you wait to see what exactly ) hence the “Hush Hush ” however the line from the famous film will give you a clue ,when I met our new pair I looked at martina and said “We are going to need a bigger Ark” ( Ark as a replacement for boat ) as in JAWS.

Any way we have been busy organising the area for their arrival ( Sept 9th )  And if I intend to keep you guessing I cannot obviously tell you what Martina and I have been doing , but suffice to say we have been really really busy.

So Barry White , Who lost his soul mate shortly after their arrival has been both a sad and frustrated figure around the bauernhof But I am glad to say he now has a spring in his step due to the arrival of two new hens that we picked up midweek. They are named “little Betty” and “biddy”   And they Love Barry though I would love to have heard the conversation when barry was trying to Mount “little Betty” as he was sideways on with on foot on her Neck and the other on her wing. My guess is it went ” My Barry this is kinky !  ”  his reply as he was throttling her would be ” This the way us White boys make lurve ”

Martina decided to give the Geese a bath at the top of the property , and they ( being geese) took no time at all partaking of the installation.

Lets be honest for an August weekend in the UK the weather has been rubbish !


we could barely see across the valley.

We are getting close to the Two Year Anniversary So I shall make an effort to bring you highlights of the last 12 months ( And they have been Busy ) in the coming days , keep your eyes peeled.
Right We are done.. Till next time

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