A Mystery ? A new goose . And waney Edge


Hi all.

Has any one any idea what indigenous species of UK animal firstly would take on a 25lb plus Turkey let alone kill it and try to drag it through a stock fence and when that failed lift it over two more and deposit it 200 yards away before devouring it. There were feathers leading away from their pen across the pig field before we found the remnants of its poor body ( I will spare you the pics of that ) So we have converted the “dunny” in to an armour plated house for Bobby and the remaining bobbets to keep them safe.The turkey pictured was also dealt a glancing blow. If I catch it I will give it a “glancing Blow” with a bit of 4×2.

As you are aware we are slowly building up our stock ( Weekends events not withstanding) and this week we acquired a NEW GOOSE , Now the very nice man I bought it off was unsure of its sex , Me well I am convinced its a HIM , another strange thing is that it makes sounds like a Duck ( it was raised with ducks ) which meant for a while the other geese had trouble communicating However he seems to have been accepted and we have named him ( in keeping with the french connection)  Jean-Claude.Then if it transpires Im wrong we shall just change it to Jean 🙂


About 2 tonnes of Waney Edge board arrived friday. So we set about the “Kid Shed” and the Secure store its coming on fine. and should be completed in a few days.

Because we have so many Chickens with chicks I had to build yet another maternity unit to accommodate Lynnie and her 7.

The fruits ( or vegies in this case ) of our labours are starting to be reaped 🙂


oh and the “famous 4 ”  Lynnies first lot have found a new play area.

Right We are done.. Till next week

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