Like “Bank holiday came Early” sunshine and showers without the sunshine.. Grrrr


Well the infamous “Met Office” were not even close The forecast was sunshine and showers we had to wait till sunday afternoon to see anything like sun 😦

When its wet up here it is thoroughly miserable. The ground just turns to mush at the slightest drop of rain. So martina took any short breaks in the rain to repair her wall by DJ and dashing in and out when it rained to prick out various bits and bobs, do some weeding and generally try to keep dry However She is increasingly becoming “miss Green Finger’s” as everything is taking off. Inside and out.


There is always an up side even when the weather is inclement , The mixture of Warm and wet is making the recovery of the “kids Pen” much quicker. And we finished the Extra fencing on the eastern side between the Pen and Barn.


in the infrequent breaks  in the rain I have been making a roof out of Home made Shingles, They will have one hell of a chateau when i have done.

The Hydro-ponics is working as it should and in the wet points during the day I set about cutting more holes in the round down pipes for the other side of DJ ( They are severely weakened by the hole boring so WILL need some extra support.

The Chicks are a month old now and extremely brave they have NO fear of heights at all

Oh and at one point during Sunday there was this :-

Marvelous (*__*)

Oh and the Geese bless em decided they would go for a swim in the Goaty water trough which is a bit risky as there is Wire mesh in it to stop turkeys falling in . They wander round like they own this place.

Chat soon



1 thought on “Like “Bank holiday came Early” sunshine and showers without the sunshine.. Grrrr

  1. E. Pony Mouse-Orchard

    27/05/16 Visitation by the Honourable Minister of Small Holdings.
    To whom it may concern,
    I can formally announce that the 2016 annual inspection of Der Bauernhof complete and I bestow my highest commendation; the ministry’s Gold Standard Award.
    I particularly commend the newly installed hydroponics system – a marvellous contraption to be viewed with wonder. Why haven’t I got one?
    It’s good to see that the establishment maintains its high morale and good humour despite the near constant mutterings and tutting “complaints” of Barry the turkey.
    Keep up the good work.

    Mr E. Pony Mouse-Orchard esq.



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