Woooo Hooo . is the sound I made when I worked it out !!?


Let me start with some advice IF YOU Ever are in need of a 12v timer to run your hydroponics..  Like this :-


DO NOT under any circumstances take any notice of the Instruction manual BECAUSE it is Chinese that has been converted via GOOGLE Translate , And if you have ever had reason to click the “Translate” button on this page you will be well aware that it make a half hearted attempt to convert my rambling in to your chosen language ( BADLY ) .. Well technical info is even worse.  InFACT it is gobbledegook ..    🙂  Anyway that aside after many failed attempts to follow the instructions I decided to cut them into strips and hang them on a spike next to my toilet 🙂 [ if you get my drift], and just work through it methodically.. Then the ” Woo Hoo” moment. Now the timer is working and “DJ” has a fully functioning hydroponics system loaded with Savoys cabbage/White Cabbage / Kholrabi / Colli’s / Lettuce and strawberries.

The NEW Goose Chateau is progressing apace , the roof structure is in place and the design for the “Drawbridge” front and rear is worked out . I will start using my converted saw horse to cut all the wood for the “stackwood” /”cordwood” walls this week so keep glued to this to see how it pans out.

I have persisted with “lil Ali” on the someday Large Veggie patch and it requires may passes however it is gradually returning to some semblance of Earth , remember this ground has been neglected for many years. But it is worth the Hard Labour and the Road to nowhere looks better for a mow.

The Top Veggie plot ( Near frutti tutti corner) is growing at alarming  rate and the speed that stuff propagtes in DJ  is staggering its fine when we have a spot of rain but if its dry for a few days like of late it take 2 hours just to water it. hence our push towards hydroponics.


We have split the goose chateau to make its access easier plus it gives the chickens somewhere to get out of the sun.

The trees donated by the Smiths of Combwich are coming on nicely

as is the Footlands Propper grafted tree that was decimated by the geese who nearly stripped all the shoots and branches but it has fought back remarkably .


And lastly DJ was like an oven on sunday as there was no movement of air So I came up with this novel arrangment that utilises the tops off of two near identical sized flowerpots ( Whilst still leaving the pots useable ) By making a hole in the plastic I could “Clamp” the plastic between the two rings to allow air through with out weakening the cover. Quite neat really.

Right We are done.. Till next week




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