GOSLINGS ! Playstation2 ! The return of Lil’Ali


On this weeks BLOG :-  ( Breaking NEWS.. We have 4 Goslings , So far,  Pictures to follow )

The return of ‘lil Ali Gator ( The rotorvator ) , Lynnie ( Mother hen ) Gets a conservatory . Eric and Ernie Get a “Playstation”, Martina Plants more Veggies and starts to re-build her wall, We Clear and tidy the “Top” Goat Pen and re-seed with grass. The NEW Goose Chateau  Gets leveled . And if that seems like a Lot of hard work , trust it is nothing compaired to “Fat Barry” the Turkey who has found out there is an outside and walked all the way to “polly” and took in the Duck pond and “Zebedee” on route . He is gonna be as fit as a butchers dog in no time at all.


Lil Ali


Has been busy turning this :-


into This


The goats needed some shade and entertainment SO I built them this , it portable and they just love it.

Martinas Top veggie plot is expanding And lil ali is making new ones farther down to cope. And I do running repairs on the Rake , Which I Have broken twice NOW.

We have cleared and re seeded the top goat pen in the forlorn hope it may recover 🙂

Lynnie is still doing a fine job of raising the Chicks who are now a fortnight old and running about So I knocked up conservatory extension for the chicken hut i built last week to  give em a little more room. And whilst I was doing that she took the chicks for a wander and taught them how to have a dust bath.

Barry White.. How brave is he . He has been “OUTSIDE” and took a wander down to the duck pond and farther down to “polly” and made it all the way back with out any help. Who is a clever Fat Bloke 🙂

AND FINALLY .. We knew Stella was close to hatching her eggs But we had no idea how many were any good. We have been trying to snatch a view all weekend . Then this morning As I feed everyone SHE decided to bring them out to show me. accompanied by the “Royals” who have been looking after her with some aplomb , King Louis has been standing guard like a Bouncer out side Raffles  Mrs Toulouse la goose has decided to help out with baby sitting .. So So Sweet. And whilst the snaps of Stella look like she is Laughing at us trust Me SHE IS Hissing , The sort of Hiss that quite clearly says ” I dare you, NO I DOUBLE DARE YOU! to come to close to my offspring.

I’m Sure I’ve missed something ., If I have I will up date later.

Bye for Now   M&M

PS I knew I had forgotten something ! The Weather .. It was Warm really Warm but the weather-stone  was confused as we had intermittent shower as well so Martina Wrapped it up in a Plastic mac . And I also forgot The Bauernhof patented Grass seed applicator ( Don’t be fooled by the sign on it saying “Dashboard Wipes” it is definitely a Grass seed Applicator.)

Oh Yes and we Put a BATH in the Goaty Pen for them to play in and drink out of the water runs in from the east side gully then runs back out via a hose and the bath overflow Back in to the gully.


NOW I think that is everything 🙂

if Not you know i Will be back ..





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