Paths , Drives , Smoke Signals and a poor response.

FIRST a Winge… I must have won something for the singularly worst response to a output_JBRaVBcompetition ever. The “guess the filling” in last blog was only responded to by Mick Wood ( and he was not even close ) plus two texts from family and friends ( That were so rude I dare not repeat on line.). Anyway the correct answer was “Lemon Curd ” , Martinas experiment was in fact a very tasty experience I recommend Chocolate cake with Lemon Curd filling to everyone.


Now I bang on about just how rural and remote we are , So remote there are some who still use “Smoke signals” to communicate. The following was one such “powwow” so to speak.

Neighbour ( across the Valley ..)  Morning Maundown “Can I borrow a cup of Sugar ”


Followed Buy Please !


Now Martina , Being German and hugely efficient responds with ..

“Why hav you not got zee cup ov Zugar .. You English are zo un-organized ….Ve allvays have Plenty of Sugar ve pick it up ven ve are at ze LIDL’s , You should make unt Lizt of suff zat you require and zen you should act upon zis lizt and in zis vay you vill never haff to sponge of zee neighbourhood “.


Their response was rather Rude and looked like this :-


Martina took exception and unbelievably, her response was Thus :-


( Now it has been said I  talk out of me A*se ) BUT this is Such a Neat trick if you can do it. ……………………………After that it went all quiet :-


I laid a some paving slabs in the area martina re-profiled last week DSCF5370

While Martina Cleared the area just inside the Gates for use as a parking space for Tommy Trailer and visiting dignitaries.


The Pile of Stones that are appearing are for us to use building an outer wall for the entrance to match the efforts Martina achieved last week.


I meanwhile set about straightening out the “Spur” and marking out where the next round of fencing is to be erected.


Right I have to go and do some work ” as that’s what they pay me for ”  More stuff to follow as and when appropriate ..


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