BRA, COL, ECU, DEU, PAK, PHL. ? Help !.. Downpours , Wellingtons and simpletons…

Google Translate for Foreign Visitors
Morning (*_*)  Do you recognise any of these ? BRA, COL, ECU, DEU, PAK, PHL They are of course recognised short codes for countries  from around the Globe. WordPress the medium by which I broadcast this “Blog” to the world has the capability of showing me from where ( in country) visitors hail. However the tantalizing thing is it is unable to tell me how we were found ? Was it a random search for ” Two Old Nutters with a death wish and penchant for hard work” …What words were searched to stumble upon the wanton ramblings and drivel that I spout each week…

So if you have “stumbled upon” this would you do me a favour and just add a quick comment ( or drop us a line at ) If for no other reason you will make an old man content..It is genuinely interesting to know what attracts hits in google.

This weekend was  CACK  / AWFUL / a WASHOUT..  It rained and rained and rained  Typical English summer really.  However I used the shelter of the barn to  make a new pig trough in the forlorn attempt to stop the three wise monkeys squabbling over their dinner and to try and stop them climbing in to the thing and fighting each other .. Nearly worked 🙂


DSCF5140   IMG_20150822_184949

Got there in the end..

Did I mention it rained the water was going down the road outside full pelt , I also found out I need to make a channel for the water from the top of the property or  “IT MAKES ITS OWN”.

DSCF5135 DSCF5136

So as the rain was persistent we went shopping bought a pair of pampas grasses to brighten up the “V” in the road and matching Wellington’s ( OH yes I know how to spoil a woman I DO )

DSCF5137 DSCF5142 DSCF5153

There were short periods of sun but not many , the strawbs seem to ripen anyway but the tomatoes are very late , if they are waiting for summer they may well be waiting for some time..

DSCF5146 DSCF5147

Did manage to get some more fencing up to extend the pigs domain and in the process effectively cut the top off from the goat fields ..


OH YES lastly  SIMPLETONS !!!!! Grrr

the weekend I found this :-


Some Numb-nut has decided to use our ( Top of the range ) sign as a target for his Air gun.. Well thank you for not being competent or adult enough to use a shotgun .. Grrr

Grrr Grrrr !?**?!

Later every body.

ps don’t forget if you hail from the nether regions of the globe Please add a comment as to how you found us. We are genuinely interested, as it is difficult to comprehend how such diverse places as Brazil , Pakistan , Ecuador and the Philpines come across such a insignificant little Rant ?  Cheers

ps New Panorama (*__*)..


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