Rubble removal, Birthday Surprise ! ….. and Panorama’s… (The surprise was More weeding) :-(

Morning all !  In an effort to get the barns under way Myself and Martina “Hand Balled” 10 tonnes of rubble from the top to the start of the bog although ably assisted by Tommy Trailer you still have to chuck it all in and then chuck it out again as Tommy is NOT a Tipper.. The smaller stuff has been used to fill along the eastern side of the proposed barn as there is a leak from the pond next door.

This is what is going up and where :-

top barn map

This is the area

DSCF4899 DSCF4903

The poles are all marked up and ready the Shiny new roofing is in place .. Just need a digger as it would appear Chrissie and I did not make the area quite big enough.

DSCF4900 DSCF4902

I wanted them Green but in order to get the planning consent they insisted on Grey .. ? Yeh go figure !!!

There are odd flowers bursting into life that are adding a little colour , And Martinas “Living Fence” is .. Well Living

DSCF4906 DSCF4907

Talking of whom it was her birthday Sunday so as a special treat She “WEEDED” its very therapeutic ( Apparently) My son Brendan ( who you will have met right at the beginning of our adventure)   popped up and brought a card and box of chocolates for Martina , which was sweet. He also bought his wife Sammi as she had never visited. Martina who is in her 30’s Very late thirties , Very Very LATE 30’s ( She had a very tough paper round back in Germany Ok ! she started at 5pm in the morning and didnt finish till she was thirteen)  takes the onward creep of years in her stride and is not averse to pulling a face when I try to get a decent picture of her..

DSCF4898 DSCF4913

The Test garden is coming along nicely despite the best efforts of the local Rabbit population to kill it off “Leaf by Leaf” however they will at least now have to circumnavigate the large pile of rubble deposited by us over the weekend BEFORE they get to the plants, Martina had to “WEED” the onions as the weeds were taking control, What better thing to do on your Birthday….

DSCF4914 DSCF4915

Regulars will have noticed i have changed the header  , just because I found the ” Panorama” setting on the camera.. You have to admit the view is awesome. As always if you click on the picture you can see it in its entirety..


Salt , Pepper and Scratchings are loving the new pig enclosure and are putting on weight at an astonishing rate.. We are feeding them apples so as to save money on apple sauce in future.

Right Im off. Chat later


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