I would give my right hand to be ambidextrous ! and Elmer Fudd :)

I, being a “c*ck” on occasions managed to render my good hand virtually usless on saturday when a length of stock fencing I had unrolled decided it preferred it previous state. the force it re rolled itself was such that it has chipped a lump out of my Metacarpal .. Ouch  swelling is going down slowly, but if you have spent your life right handed simple things like Using a Saw or hammering in a nail are a Trial..

Bulldozers/JCB’s/Diggers/Tractors ! all are specialist in their field BUT PIG’s however are just in a different league when it comes to ground clearance. We have had these 10week old weaners less than a fortnight and they can turn a 25 meter square from




DSCF4881 Into THIS:-DSCF4882

SO Martina and I decided to give them a larger run. The New run required some “Soft rush” clearance this most was handled by “Rhonda”  and the Stihl Strimmer some new fencing posts and stock netting.

DSCF4853 DSCF4896 DSCF4894 DSCF4891

The new area has running water for the piggies a wooded/shaded area and contains both the shard and New Scotland yard to keep the girls warm and dry.. Lets see how they get on with this over the coming weeks. If they eat it all we will need a crane to get them to market.. They look happy and content though.

DSCF4890 DSCF4858

Ill get those waskly wabbits ….


We have suddenly been attacked by an influx of rabbits the little blighters are eating our test crops, So if any one wants to volunteer to sit on Der Bauernhof with a gun they can have all the rabbits they shoot as payment (*–*)  DSCF4873

We have utilized a belfast sink to trap water from “Zebedee” ( Our main Spring ) to allow the piggies to drink at the top of their new plot the gully runs along the bottom and has running water so they can drink at both ends.


The water is clearer now !!

This is Me clearing the gully end


Right update done ..

ps we are looking for a 8×6 ish shed to use as a Chicken coop if you know of one at “no money” let me know please.

Right I’m Off and do some work .. Laters

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