Wot you lookin at ? … Molly gets a trolley called…… ( Come on You know me by now ) …. DOLLY !

Oi Wot U Lookin at?

DSCF4733Nosey Neighbours (*__*)

Poor Martina , all she seems to do is spend hours on her knees planting stuff. But on the up side “Polly” is emptying and the Plot is Filling . Mmmm   FOOD ..

DSCF4779 DSCF4748

We were supposed to get our piggies this week but You will NOT believe the Paperwork involved (Unless you are a smallholder/farmer )  just to get them here , You require a Parish Holding Number a Herd Number and registration with the Pig Movement Records office. However I have fitted a new back to Tommy to keep the blighter’s in when I pick em up on Wednesday evening. and the Electric fencing is all in place to keep them here after they arrive..

DSCF4786 DSCF4787

DSCF4760 DSCF4746 DSCF4761

Frutti Tutti Corner is coming on we have the first of the Black currants and the Red Goosegogs.

DSCF4754 DSCF4751

I built some steps into the bank leading down to the “gully” and the Maticata , out of the reclaimed concrete from a random drive “b” and Aron dug up. I said to Martina what is the German for Wibbly Wobbly Garden Path ? and she confirms as suspected it is ”  Ein Vibbly Vobbly Garten weg”  See NOT ONLY do we keep you informed and entertained We Educate you also.

DSCF4772 DSCF4774

Thanks to Hinkley Point “A” Station who were throwing this trolley it had some seized bits and some laminated tyres ( Split sides) Now because I have the two  things all men should have in my toolbox I could re-cycle this little trolley , The two things ?? I hear you cry !  WD40 and Gaffer tape  (*_*)   If it does not move and it Should (WD40) if does move and it should not ( Gaffer Tape)  Simples. The more observant of you will notice that she ( Dolly) has one white wheel , Well NOT actually White more a sort of Gaffer taped colour.             Look its holding 35 psi and will make her usable temporarily ..

DSCF4778 DSCF4759 DSCF4764 DSCF4763

Martina takes a well deserved rest ( She is just waving OK?) ……. The dogs CHILL  , the Spring ( Zebedee) doubles as a drinks cooler and then there is the View 🙂

DSCF4782 DSCF4784 DSCF4742 DSCF4769


Thats All Folks..

Bobby ( My Sisters partner ) and Nephew Luke popped up sunday evening for a surprise visit  admired the view did the Tour , drank a cold beer then both left clutching their newly acquired ” DerBauernhof” Weatherstones..  You are jealous Now I CAN TELL..   …………..


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