Tommy , Buck Rogers Planting and Holes and finnished goals

Its been a funny old Weekend !. You know the type You have finished three ten hour shifts but there seems to very little to show for it.. The thing is when you are planting ( as martina was for most of the weekend ) seedlings are uninspiring do not make much of an impression but in the long term will ultimately rear their due rewards.

Martina finally achieved her goal of finishing her dry stone walling ( and mighty fine it looks too)


We purchased an Ex-Army trailer this week and being ex-army was built like it was to withstand the end of the world as we know it. It was clad in 1/4 inch plate Now whilst this is very robust and will last forever it is also VERY heavy making it almost impossible for an old bu**er like me to lift it. So I spent the weekend removing the Plate and replacing it with some recycled pine. We have named him Tommy. as tommy is a well known Tag for the humble british squaddie .

DSCF4525 DSCF4526

We had a few bits and bobs delivered from chrissies friday including the loader for hanz and the Rear loader “Buck Rogers” the buck rake.


In between replacing the Metal with boards on Tommy I have dug the holes for the post to hang our gates in a more permanent fashion. In our best re-cycling mode we have re utilised some of the Beams from the barn ( that Chrissie and his dad are working on ) painted up and ready to be concreted in.

DSCF4530 DSCF4529 DSCF4532 DSCF4533

Polly is just awash with seed trays and pots full of things we shall be attempting to grow this year. Provided we can keep the mice from stealing the seeds. Oh and do remember the story of the Propped up tree from footlands well the good news is that the grafting has taken and the last picture of the series is the new trees in out and out growth mode. So our little bit of family history is safe.

DSCF4548 DSCF4547 DSCF4550 DSCF4549

Anyway the mixture of the  Strimmer Rhonda and Molly are keeping the weeds at the top at bay and the introduction of the new veg patch has kept martina busy ( though from the pic it could be any one )

DSCF4556 DSCF4535 DSCF4554 DSCF4552

The weatherstone was wet, then dry, then moved then wet then Warm. I will leave it to you to work out what the weather was like friday saturday sunday.

Laters  you all..  MjA

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