Molly ( The Mower )! Stonewalls, Pig Houses,Goosegogs , little green eels and Headless Tractor Drivers.

This week We … Acquired a new “Tiny” Tractor called Molly (Mo)  for short [ see what we did there Mo (Mow) ] ? Any way Me and son Brendan “B” popped down to North devon ( it is OK we had our jabs) Drove the said Mo in to his van came back to the Bauernhof and Drove it out.. Friday I turn up , Will she start ” WILL SHE HELL” after a few expletives I traced the wires back to a Fuse sadly it was OK , however the fuse holder was disconnected at its Bullet connector ,so pop it back in and away she went. Only to be commandeered by a headless madman who proceeded to race around the property cutting Grass/nettles/bracken down to size..

DSCF4421 DSCF4405 DSCF4410 DSCF4409

Whilst I was Faffin about with Mo , Martina decided to plant some Cauliflowers and some small green eels ” They are a strange lot the Germans, EAT anything ”  She specially made small green eel beds for them to grow in .. Nutter ! then set about her retaining wall ( on the back of the Entrance ) and a mighty fine job she is making of it too.

DSCF4441 DSCF4437

DSCF4419 DSCF4426





DSCF4428 DSCF4429


I took Mo down to clear the grass of in Mick’s Wood as I have been instructed by the said Mick Wood that all should be ship shape for his impending visit (*__*) . Then I have started to recycle an old barn ( That Chris and his father are converting) The subsequent arrival of nail strewn 4 by 2 and Galvanised sheeting meant I could set about building a couple of Pig Homes ( Like a Pig Ark only classier)  The first is close to completion  and has been Named ” New Scotland Yard” ( Go on think about it ) and the Second has been designed (in My Head) and will be known as The “Shard” … Just wait and See OK?


My “baby” Colleen her partner James popped up to see us bringing JJ and Sophia . James Sophia and Me went Fairy hunting while Coll and Martina chatted in polly and fed JJ.

DSCF4398 DSCF4391

Oh yes I beheaded a LOT of Bracken , My god it grows up here , I reckon about 18 inches in a week. But How the Frutti Tutti corner is progressing we have ikkle baby Goosegogs and the Red and Black currents are coming on as well.

DSCF4435 DSCF4440 DSCF4439 DSCF4429


Oh yes look out for this Next week I will leave you to guess what it is ? when you find out You will want one ..




Well thats me done for another week . Next week .. MORE STUFF and fancy wellies    ..  MjA

2 thoughts on “Molly ( The Mower )! Stonewalls, Pig Houses,Goosegogs , little green eels and Headless Tractor Drivers.

  1. Derrick

    Busy busy,
    I suppose you will be declaring independence in the near future with passport control at the gate . Be careful about making large bodies of water on site or you will get all sorts of dingies turning up full of people wanting to live there for free.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. maundown2014 Post author

      Its all fine mate we have employed the Italian Navy to patrol our stream . They can pick up dingies full of migrants and re-home them in another european country as We at Der bauernhof have opted out of the European convention on Human Rights. 🙂 as you do ….



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